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The Hawker Hurricane, an iconic aircraft of World War II, etched its name in history as one of the most important and effective fighter planes of the era. During the glory days of the war, the Hurricane played a pivotal role in defending the skies and combating enemy forces. With its sleek design and formidable firepower, it instilled confidence in pilots and struck fear into the hearts of adversaries. Renowned for its durability and maneuverability, the Hurricane proved its worth time and again, engaging in dogfights and executing daring aerial maneuvers with precision. From the Battle of Britain to the North African campaign and beyond, the Hurricane's performance was unmatched, earning the respect and admiration of both its allies and foes. It stands as a symbol of resilience, courage, and the indomitable spirit that defined the heroes of World War II.

Hawker Hurricane Foam Plane Kit

$19.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price
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