Non-toxic darkroom cleaner for removing chemical stains from processors, sinks, tanks, trays, countertops and even hands. Non-contaminating, bio-degradable.

PHOTOFINISH was the industry's first non-toxic cleaner for processors, tanks, trays, sinks, countertops, hands and anywhere else photochemistry is likely to spill. Developer, bleach, fix, stabilizer, silver and tar deposits are easily removed, WITHOUT any risk of chemical contamination. PHOTOFINISH will even remove stains which have been set for many years and which have failed to come out with other more toxic products. (These older stains may require more rubbing). Because PHOTOFINISH works without caustic chemicals, it must be applied with a soft, damp cloth and "buffed" onto the area to be cleaned. Before cleaning, racks are removed from their tanks, and / or tanks are drained; cleaned with PHOTOFINISH; rinsed in water and reassembled. Because PHOTOFINISH rinses so easily in water, rinsing time is greatly reduced as is hot water consumption. And there is no danger of PHOTOFINISH contaminating chemistry! PHOTOFINISH is recommended by many of the world's leaders in processing equipment - the Fuji Training Department, Kreonite, Unicolor/Photo Systems, Inc., Moto Photo, California Stainless Mfg., Durst ACS. These are just a few of the companies who have used PHOTOFINISH, tested it on their respective equipment and found it to be especially safe and effective. The original PHOTOFINISH paste is available in 20 ounce tub.