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When Aerial Photo Products are needed, there is no better choice than our line of Polypropylene Protective Sleeves. Our "P"-series sleeves offer the highest quality polypropylene materials and life-long storage of the most sensitive of films. These sleeves are the best choice for archival conscience professionals.

We've manufactured the finest quality Archival Film Sleeves and related products to the photographic industry for over four decades.

Stock Aerial Photo Sizes: 10x9.5, 10x10
Sizes indicate the film, print or transparency size that will fit into our sleeves.

Aerial Photo Styles:
L - Lip 3.0 gauge
S-Sealed 3.0 gauge
LH - Lip 8.0 gauge

The PAT is an accelerated aging test that predicts the affects a material may have on photographic images. In essence, it predicts the type of interaction between an enclosures and photographic materials, and determines if any of the enclosures components, including adhesives, inks, paper and plastic, will adversely effect a photograph, negative, or other photographic materials.

Picture Pocket's line of archival sleeving starts with the letter "P" in the item number. These sleeves are PAT tested and are 100% archival safe for long-term storage.

AERIAL - 10X9.5L (1,000/cs)
10X9.5 L Aerial Sleeves - (1,000-polypropylene sleeves)

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Image A:
Orthophotos are aerial photographs or digital versions of these photographs that have been “orthorectified” using ground elevations data to correct displacements caused by differences in terrain relief and camera tilt. The process gives an orthophoto the accuracy of a map.

Because aerial photographs show the texture of the ground in much greater detail than do maps, orthophotos are useful for updating maps and for studying surface features not necessarily visible in maps.

Note: This image would use P-10x10-L or P-10x10S 

Image B:
The Pentagon and vicinity, Washington, D.C., portion of a National Aerial Photography Program, 1:10,000-scale, Imaged March of 1994.

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