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When Aerial Photo Enclosures are needed, there is no better choice than our line of Aerial Polypropylene Film Sleeves. Offering the highest quality materials and life-long storage protection of the most sensitive of films, these enclosures are the best investment for quality conscience professionals.
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Aerial Photo Enclosures are made of a photographic grade 3mil Polypropylene Material. This material is water-clear so that you can see your image without distortion. Having anti-static properties, you need not to worry about scratches because it repels dust particles away from your images.

Standard Sizes:
10x10 and 10x19 -
Plaese note: Actual sizes are slightly larger to accomodate a 10"x10" or a 10"x19" photo.

L-"Lip" lip one edge sealed other edge (3-mil).
S-"Sealed" sealed along both long edges (3-mil).
LH-"Lip Heavy" lip one edge sealed other edge (4.5-mil).
Note: Style LH is not for archival purposes but accepts permanent markers for plotting!

Professionals from around the world have come to trust the consistent quality and durability of our fine line of Pro-Lab and Aerial Photo sleeving products.

Contact us for a trial sample and more information regarding this or any other archival storage solutions for film, slides, transparencies, negatives & prints.

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